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Learn how Ready Set Grad can help you stay on track to graduate and succeed.


8th Grade

Ready : Preparing for My Education

There are so many ways you can prepare for high school graduation and beyond, even in 8th grade. You should start thinking about visiting colleges and thinking through the classes you need to register for in high school.

Use our checklist to personalize and navigate the process. Save it and your notes in your email, all the way through high school graduation and college acceptance. Below are some of our suggestions:

  • Take the Measures of Student Progress Test Prep.
  • Take the ACT’s EXPLORE, which prepares you to take the ACT in high school.
  • Take the most challenging English, math, science, and social studies classes you can handle. Don’t be afraid to stretch a little bit—most schools offer extra homework help or tutoring to support you.
  • Take classes in art, computers, or world languages, if you can.
  • Do assignments for extra credit.
  • Focus on learning and mastering key concepts.
  • Ask questions and participate in class.
  • Maintain good study habits.
  • Keep taking good notes in class.
  • Get involved in school and community activities.
  • Take an inventory of some of your top interests and hobbies. Your interests may change over time.
  • Start thinking about goals for high school.
  • If you are able to choose your high school, start visiting local schools to compare your options.
  • Keep talking to others about your dreams and plans.
  • Visit one community college, one university, and one vocational/technical school.
  • Make an online pledge that says you’re going to college.
  • Research high school courses.
  • Explore what careers you’re interested in and what kind of education you’ll need for each one.
  • Make a list of five goals you’ve been meaning to achieve and the steps you’ll need to complete to accomplish them.
  • Begin exploring Dual Credit options like Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or College in the High School programs.